The Hayden Catholic High School Annual Fund is the foundation of development efforts at Hayden Catholic High School.  Combined with the fundraising results of the Parents and Alumni for Catholic Education (PACE) organization, the Annual Fund provides ongoing unrestricted support required to operate the high school in an affordable fashion while still providing for excellence in educational programs, equipment, and facilities.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Annual Fund.  Alumni, parents, staff and friends are invited to participate by responding to mailings sent during November and December and in the late spring.  The annual Wildcat Phonathon is held in the late fall and late spring to invite those contacted to support Hayden Catholic.  The Hayden Catholic High School Student Ambassadors and selected alumni volunteers serve to make calls during the Phonathon.  Additionally, many supporters are contacted personally to request their support.  Donors may contribute unrestricted gifts to be used for purposes identified by the school or may designate their gifts for a specific purpose. 

The Development Office also works with Alumni Classes to organize their reunion activities.  Classes anticipating a reunion (i.e. classes that end in ‘5 or ‘0 during 2015) are encouraged to contact the development Office for our most recent contact information for members of the class.  The beautiful Father Francis J. Krische Student and Alumni Center on campus is available for use by Class reunions.  Classes are invited to use Hayden Catholic facilities and offered use of the website to publicize their event. 

Special Projects

Hayden Catholic High School maintains a list of special projects to address the needs identified by the Board of Trustees, the school administration, and the faculty.  This list will be included on the website, in the parent newsletter “The Hayden Connection”, in the alumni newsletter, “Wildcat Tales”, and periodically on the alumni/friend e-newsletter, “On the Home Front”.  Interested donors may contact the President or the Development Office for more information.   Recognition for individuals, groups and/or graduation classes may be appropriate.  Some examples of current needs that have been identified are:

•    Fiber optic cables, switches, wireless routers for IT infrastructure ($150,000)
•    New desks for classrooms ($5,000/classroom) 12 classrooms remaining
•    New Library carpeting, painting ($15,000)
•    New Office Area carpeting, painting ($20,000)


•    Science lab cabinets and counters ($25,000/classroom x 3 classrooms = $75,000)
•    Repaving/resurfacing parking lots ($100,000-$130,000)
•    Replacement of foyer furniture. Individual items from $500 to $2,000 (total $25,000)
•    New score boards in gym ($20,000)
•    New complex bleachers ($120,000/level x 2 levels = $240,000)
•    Gym roof replacement ($100,000)
•    Restroom/concessions for Soc/BSB/SFB ($100,000)
•    Foyer restrooms ($100,000)
•    Replacement of cafeteria tables ($1,000-$2,000 each).  14 tables remaining.
•    Financial Assistance: Did you know that a need-based $1,000 scholarship grant pays approximately one-fourth of the tuition for a student from a Topeka Catholic Parish?

 As construction debt is addressed, the following items will be considered.

•    Auditorium/Theater ($2-3M)
•    Auxiliary Gym ($2-3M)
•    Renovation of stadium ($1-1.5M)

The Hayden Catholic High School Foundation

The role of the Hayden Catholic Foundation is to support the long term future of Hayden Catholic High School.  This has been accomplished by managing the unrestricted assets of the foundation and providing annual operational support as determined by the directors.  Additionally, the foundation is responsible for soliciting, managing, and distributing financial assistance through the restricted assets of the Hayden Catholic High School Foundation Family Scholarship Program. 

The publications and on-line presence of Hayden Catholic High School periodically include a request for supporters to consider Hayden Catholic High School and/or the Hayden Catholic High School Foundation in their estate planning and annual philanthropy.

Each graduating class of Assumption, Topeka Catholic, Capitol Catholic, and Hayden Catholic High School is invited and encouraged to create and fund a “Hayden Catholic Class Scholarship”.  Individuals and families are encouraged to create a “Hayden Catholic Family Scholarship”.
Alumni and Parent Communications

The parent newsletter, “The Hayden Connection”, is published monthly with the exception of a bi-monthly summer edition and distributed via bulk mail to current and future parents.  It is also mailed to past parents and friends upon request.  It is available on-line as a PDF through the website  The Hayden Connection provides current information regarding school events, activities, honor roll information, and an updated calendar.

The alumni newsletter, “Wildcat Tales”, is published three times a year.  Complimentary printing of Wildcat Tales is provided by Southwest Publishing of Topeka.  It is sent to approximately 8,000 addresses of alumni, parents, and friends.

The Hayden Catholic High School website,, has been recently updated.   Hayden Catholic staff have been working to provide content in the appropriate areas.  The website also provides an updated calendar, daily student announcements, pictures and video.

Hayden Catholic High School has an official Facebook page “Hayden Catholic High School”.  The site provides links to newspaper articles, video and other announcements.  It is also used to help alumni coordinate reunion activity.

Hayden Catholic High School publishes a monthly email newsletter, “On the Home Front”.  Initial distribution of this e-newsletter was made in June 2014.  This newsletter contains brief accounts of Hayden Catholic High School activity.