Acting in an advisory capacity to the Administration of Hayden Catholic High School, the Council provides assistance in strengthening, expanding, and protecting the future of Hayden Catholic High School.


The Principal serves as executive secretary and is a non-voting member of the Council.  There may be two representatives from each parish in the region on the Council.  In addition, the President of Hayden Catholic High School or their designee, a Student Council representative and a Teacher representative shall have permanent seats on the Council.  The President or his designee, the Student Council representative and the Teacher representative are non-voting members.  The Student Council representative is not privileged to executive sessions of the Council.

The selection of Council membership is left to the sole discretion of each Parish Pastor.  Whenever a vacancy occurs the respective pastor should name a new member.

2015-2016 Members

Mark Madsen, Principal
Judy Cucciniello/Karen Scheopner, Teacher Representative
Angela Herman, Student Council

Christ the King Parish
Brice Feldt
Lori Regier

Mater Dei Parish
Merrill Befort
Jeanne Myers

Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish
Terese Crow
Thomas Doyle

Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish
Cathy Konrade
Stephanie Schmitz

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
Laura Rubio

Sacred Heart/St. Joseph Parish
Debi Meier

St. Matthew Parish
Paula Haverkamp


A.    The Hayden Catholic High School Council is advisory to the Administration.  The Council will serve as the representative body of all Hayden constituents in formation of policies and procedures to serve Hayden Catholic High School, ensuring the highest possible religious and academic education as well as the formation of a Catholic value system.

B.    The Council will help establish both long-term and short-term goals for Hayden and a plan to accomplish these goals.  The Council will conduct an annual evaluation of these goals and the objectives used to achieve them.  The Council will continuously monitor the faithfulness of the school to its Mission Statement.

C.    The Council will provide Public Relations activities for the school/administration.  The public relations efforts will assist the school in the recruitment and retention of students and provide a forum for parents/constituents to present special issues through the Open Meetings process.

D.    The Council has the responsibility to provide for the best use and development of Hayden facilities.

E.    The Council, in addition to the above duties, will be available to make recommendations in all areas of school life.  These recommendations are advisory to the Administration and subject to Archdiocesan Policies.