Contacts for Corporal Works of Mercy

As part of each student's annual service requirement, ONE service activity MUST specifically address the Corporal Works of Mercy. Below is a list of approved agencies that will fulfill this requirement. Any other service performed as part of this requirement must be pre-approved by your theology teacher.

Organization Contact Address Telephone Notes
Aldersgate Felecia Bowen 7220  Asbury Dr 478-9440 x488 One-on-one visits
American Heart Association Kevin Walker 5375 SW 7th 272-7056 Variety of help needed
Big Brothers /Big Sisters Stacie Salverson-Schroeder 1119 SW 10th, Suite 3 234-5524 Must be 18 years to sponsor a child, other activities available.
Birthright Lorraine Eggen 512 SW 7th 234-0701 Sort cloths, yard work
Blood Bank LouAnn Godfrey 800 Lane 233-0195 Need help all year long, pass out cookies & juice, office work
Cappers Jeanette Waters 3500 SW 10th 272-4060 Help all year long, help with sports camp
Catholic Social Services Angi Heller 306 SW Van Buren 233-6300 Take elderly to appts, run errands, clerical work
Clare Bridge Cottage Nicole Koehn 5840 Drury Ln 271-5100 Work with elderly, some clerical work possible
Community Action Alice Shimmel 2410 SE Highland 266-0245  
Cornerstone Kelly Matthews 807 Western 232-1650 Physical labor, painting, yard work, mailings, clerical
Dialysis Specialists of Topeka Tenley Brown 920 Washburn         Suite 200 232-8899  
Doorstep Dawn 1119 SW 10th 357-5341 Summer mainly
ERC Resource   & Referrel Laurie Pigg 1710 SW 10th,              Suite 215 357-5171 Various - call for details
Habitat for Humanity Al Acker   272-2887 Call after 5pm
Heart of America Hospice Sara  at various locations 228-0400 Visit with patients
Hearthstone Atria   3515 SW 6th 234-6225 Evenings, Sunday afternoon, summer visit and help with projects
Heartland Share   215 Quincy 234-6208 x12 Saturday, 8 - 12 once a month
Kansas Children's Service League Tina Long 3616 SW Topeka        Blvd 274-3100              770-7273 Babbysitting once a month or weekly for 10 weeks. Sort Christmas gifts.
Kansas Neurology Institute Trisha Martin 3107 SW 21st 296-8346 Need help all year long
Kelly House Marge Fielder 1800 SW Fairmont 271-9594 Long term care facility, work with residents
Let's Help Paulette Sober 302 Van Buren 232-4357 Help with clothing & food banks, cleaning, serving food
Manor Care Pam 2515 SW Wanamaker 271-6808 Working with residents
Marian Clinic   1001 Garfield 233-8081 Clerical work
McCrite Apartments Tammy Guy 1608 SW 37th 267-2960 Shopping with residents, other opptunities
McCrite Health Center Donna Frost 1608 SW 37th 267-2960 Read & write letters, visit lonely, Bingo
Meals on Wheels   1500 SW 10th 354-5420 Delivering meals to homebound
Midland Hospice Steve Obdyke 200 SW Frazier Cr. 232-2044 Must be 16 yrs old. Receptions, deliver flowers, visit. Yard work available
Plaza West Laurie Fry 1570 SW Westport 271-6700 One on One with residents and clerical
Presbyterian         Manor Julie Holmes 4712 SW 6th 272-6510 Walk, read, visit, play games with residents
Ronald McDonald House Patty Oliver 825 Buchanan 235-6852 Clerical, baking, yard work
Salvation Army Lesli Grage 1320 SW 6th 233-9648              x232 Variety of times & opportunities
Shawnee Co. Health Dept Jan Craig 1615 SW 8th 368-2171 Work with elderly
Sheltered Living Lisa Jackson 401 SW Harrison 233-2566 Group project only
St Francis             Hospital Andrea Marling 1700 SW 7th 295-8127 Must be willing to give 50 hours
Sterling House   5820 SW Drury           Lane 272-2200 Long term resident care facility
Stormont Vail Beverly Rice 1500 SW 10th 354-6095 Variety of after school & summer opportunities
TARC Debbie Baumgarter 921 SW 37th 232-0597 Need all year. Visit elderly, read books, write letters, play games
VA Medical             Center Beth Brown 2200 SW Gage 350-4323 Visit with patients