Senior Ads

All 2014 Senior Ads have been sold and sent to press for this year.

Senior Picture Requirements

When having your student’s senior pictures taken, please be aware of the requirements for the picture that will be submitted for the yearbook.  Most of the Topeka photographers know our requirements; however, it is your responsibility to make sure these guidelines are followed:

1. A BUST SHOT WITH NO HANDS OR PROPS. This includes flowers, graduation year, hats.

2. A modest blouse or sweater with sleeves: no plunging neckline, tube tops,  tank  tops, or camisoles.

3. Boys cannot have facial hair.

4. No piercings other than ears for girls.

5. Background: may be a studio shot or outside--as long as the  student is the focus  and it is a simple background.

6. Color; however, you may choose a B&W photo.

7. We need one billfold or wallet sized photo.

8. Vertical position.

9. Photo MUST be submitted by DECEMBER 1. Your photographer may submit  your picture by email in JPEG format to Mrs. VanDonge at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If the photo submitted does not meet all of these requirements, your student will be required to submit a different photo. This can be an additional cost to you, so please make sure your photographer AND student are aware of these requirements. 

Please direct all questions to Mrs. Melissa VanDonge at  272-5210 extension 23.