Online Classes

A variety of online high school and dual credit college classes are offered at Hayden. You must have permission of the administration before enrolling.  The class may not substitute for a class that is taught at Hayden unless given permission by the administration. 


What Percentage of Hayden Seniors Complete College Courses?

Over 70% of Hayden seniors have taken one or more dual credit college classes… increasing academic rigor and ACT scores.  Completing college credit while in high school helps students save both time and money.

In addition to the 30+ teacher led dual credit college hours offered at Hayden, students may complete dual credit college classes online through Allen Community College and Highland Community College. Currently, the Career to Technical Education (CTE) courses are offered at no cost to our students through a CTE grant. Some examples of the courses students are completing online are:  Introduction to Business, Business Communications, Certified Nurse’s Aide, Early Childhood Education, Introduction to Computers, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Family and Addictions, Criminal Justice.  English I and College Algebra have also been completed by students in an online fashion.   

Students complete the courses while enrolled in a study hall and access the internet via iPads. The wireless infrastructure, high speed internet access, and tablets necessary to expand this program are being made possible through a grant from our friends at Westar Energy.   

Juniors and seniors interested in enrolling in online dual credit courses should notify their guidance  counselor